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gnc franchise

A couple of you guys said you work for GNC franchises. Any idea what kind of money the owners make? How many stores do they own? Most importantly, do they enjoy it? Thanks

I worked for a corporate store. The managers there make peanuts, $30k a year, but they pay hourly. Franchise would be completely different but I wouldn’t expect any manager to make upwards of $35-40k a year.

Any business will thrive in the right location. Any business will fail with a stupid owner.

$30,000 a year??? Shit, I’m managing at the wrong location, and I’m doing it for a franchise too. As an aside, for those of you who work at GNC, are any of your stores having problems receiving your orders? This happens to us every time this year, and I’m being told all the stores are going through it…somehow I doubt that.