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GNC Employee = Shit For Brains


So my bud who used to train allot is trying to get back into it. He asked me a few questions about supp's and I was pimping Biotest products. My boy goes into a gnc to check out their fat burners, clerk tells him lipo 6 is better than HOT-ROX cause it has more ingrediants and he couldn't understand what was in HOT-ROX. Are you fucking kidding me!


Email your friend a link to this site and let him HOT-ROX it here.


I didnt know these guys worked at GNC.


Tell me about it.The other day, some guy with missing teeth was trying to sell GAKIC to some toothpick kid.He was telling him that it was so strong that one body builder took it and passed out after benching 20 pounds more than he usually benches.Lmao.


GNC employees get paid more if they can sell items that hold more commission. I thought this was common knowledge by now. I used to work there for a short time when I was in college. That means if Lipo 6 allows the employee to get an extra 60 cents to a dollar for every item sold, they will sell Lipo 6 no matter if it works or not. GNC employees are cheap labor made to sell certain items so they can get a decent paycheck every once in a while. True knowledge is not the goal.


So true, guess I was just venting, an whoring.