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GNC Creatine


Hey guys,

I'm looking into buying a new, hopefully better brand of creatine. The one I use now is very cheap and seems of low quality(Body Fortress is the brand). I live in the southern U.S.(Louisiana) so GNCs are the main health and supplement stores around here. Can you recommend any brands of creatine(and types) that worked well for you?

What about the GNC Pro brand of creatine monohydrate?

Or I was also recommended GMC's Pro Performance Advanced Muscle Performance or AMP. The creatine is called Amplified Creatine 189. Anybody ever tried that?


GNC’s Pro Performance creatine isn’t bad. It’s regular monohydrate but it’s not micronized. I would definitely not go with the Amplified Creatine as it is pretty expensive even though it’s just creatine hydrochloride. I personally would find a product that uses creapure… like Biotest’s micronized creatine-good and cheap.


for like $13 you can get several months worth of creatine right here


what exactly makes the difference with micronized?

So you’ve used Biotest and its worked well for you? Is it high quality? I feel like I’m getting a very low quality creatine with body fortress so I’d like to move to something of high quality. I don’t mind paying a little more if it’s actually worth it.

For example, if the best or most convenient way of getting high quality(top of the line) creatine is to pay 39.99 for it, then that’s okay. I just would like to know what is and what isn’t high quality. As much as I like cheap, I’m busting my butt in the gym too often for me to be money tight. I’ll pay the extra if it’ll compliment my lifts.


i bought creatine mono from gnc 2 years ago and it gave me gnarly fart shits so i stopped and threw it away.

My favorite brand was from Jarrows. I bought it from a health store and i gained 7lbs the first week, but it was also the first week of ever using creatine.


Purchase a brand that uses 100% Creapure only! Prolab is what I use, but there are several other high quality brands sold here as well. Maybe some others will now chime in and mention those brands for price comp. PLEASE DO NOT knowingly put anything produced in China in your body. Chinese creatine IS contaminated. See results from Consumer-Lab testing. This comment is not just product hype, the Chinese stuff is NOT pure.

GNC creatine mono does NOT carry the Creapure logo - so I do not use it. Where it is actually produced, label does not say, so I stay away. If it was Creapure, why the hell would they not mention it? Watch out, they do state “pure creatine mono”.


[quote]b105 wrote:

So you’ve used Biotest… Is it high quality? [/quote]

Lol, look at the new guy.

Just messin B105, really. :slight_smile:


I’m using the GNC Amplified Creatine 189 right now. I got it on sale for half off, so I thought I’d try it out. I’d have to say I’m not all that impressed, and its not worth the money (even at half off). Once my supply is finished I’m gonna go with the stuff from Biotest.


buy the cheapest mono you can find.