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GNC classic

Gunther Schlierkamp beat M.R. Olympia Ronnie Coleman at his own game.

No one cares.

Well, actually, in this case I care. I just saw a video of the Olympia, and it is completely obvious to me that the judges are awarding placings based solely on what they’re expecting to see at the contest (i.e., based on the reps of the various bbers), not what’s actually on display in front of them.

At the O, Gunther was so far ahead of not only Coleman but everyone else that it looked like they should have had a separate contest just for him. Not only was he physically larger, his balance, symmetry and level of definition was amazing. For the first time in years I felt like I was looking at a real bodybuilder, not just someone who was trying to pack on mass at the expense of everything else.

Why do I care? Well, despite everything, I still have a love for the sport. I also saw the HBO broadcast of Pumping Iron (which I hadn’t seen for a few years either) and it brought back to me very forcefully how good some of these guys looked back in the 70s. Gunther recaptured that image for me. That he only placed fifth was, IMHO, a firing-squad level travesty. (And judging from the crowd’s reaction, I’m not alone in thinking that.)

Gunther is good-looking, articulate, multi-lingual, intelligent, pleasant and could be a superb ambassador for the sport. If only the judges will let him…


Some friends of mine that own a supplement store where I buy all my stuff went to the Olympia. They agreed that Gunter looked awesome and should’ve won.

hey i have good symmetry too. and im drug free.