GNC, Biotest,, other stuff

I stepped inside a GNC today to pick up a quick snack bar and heard the workers takling about a new manager there, so I asked if the new manager could order additional items. When asked, I requested Biotest products other than MD6 and Tribex.

They told me that Biotest is currently undergoing GNC quality testing in preparation for more widespread store inclusion, and that this qualty testing was a rigorous examination of label claims and ingredients that every product has to pass. So I asked them, “Then how the heck did MMUSA’s creatine serum get stocked? That stuff hasn’t passed a lab test yet! In fact, every test I’ve heard of verifies that it’s not stable in a solution form, and has no surviving creatine in the entire bottle!”

They told me that it's included because the demand is so great, and that every bodybuilder who comes in for creatine requests it because "it's the only stuff that works for them." I replied that without exception, every BB I know dogs on the stuff for having no results, and I'd love to meet a BB who says differently.

End of the story, but does anyone know what “quality evaluations” GNC does for new products?

Do any real bodybuilders actually go into GNC? I have a look in there every once in awhile if I’m in a mall, but about the only thing I ever pick up is a bar or sometimes some vitamins.

It goes like this:
KING OF GNC: “Can we make lots of money on this stuff?”
KING: “This is excellent stuff!”

The local GNC around here carries the 48 hour hollywood miracle diet, creatine serum and the “the beast” homepathic crap. I doubt they test anything and if so, they don’t test it very well. They used to carry Lipkinetix too.

GNC employees generally don’t know shit and the guy you were talking to was probably just puking up some crap that was fed to him by his bosses.

Man, I cannot believe anybody on this forum still shops at GNC. Short of no computer, or no other store within 20 miles there is no excuse. They have crappy products, no selection and most of their clerks have very limited knowledge. Also don’t patronize GNC because they picked up 2 Biotest products there were many stores who stocked the entire line from the beginning.

yeah, 98% of GNC products suck, but they sell 42 count Myoplex boxes for $50. That’s worth it to me. Cheap Multi Vitamins too.

I worked for GNC for about a week or two and when I was there , there was a 3$ PM on all MMSUA products. Meaning that for every one they sell you, it means 3$ in their pockets. I agree, most serious bodybuilders I know dont use creatine serum.