Gnarly Dreams

so lately ive been having these really out there dreams. not sure why cause i havent been taking anything.

like the other night i had this dream where i slit my dogs throat and carried him up a flight of stairs, i think i was going to eat him.

[quote]LiveFromThe781 wrote:
so lately ive been having these really out there dreams. not sure why cause i havent been taking anything.

like the other night i had this dream where i slit my dogs throat and carried him up a flight of stairs, i think i was going to eat him.[/quote]

That’s pretty fuckin vivid

I’ve been having some pretty weird dreams, not really fucked up, but like I’ve been dreaming shit that people might experience when they’ve dropped just a liiiiitle too much acid. Like someone who’s tripping while watching an old Scooby Doo episode.

Fuckin old creepy pictures start talking to me, everyone has Arch-Angel type wings but the guys from Queer Eye tye dyed them the fuckin’ colors of the rainbow but neon and they all hold meat clevers dripping blood and motor oil … other trippy shit.

I don’t do illicit drugs and I’m not taking any ZMA or other mineral replacements … just healthy natural sleep that makes me think I’m slowly descending into the depths of Hell.

[quote]polo77j wrote:

I don’t do illicit drugs and I’m not taking any ZMA or other mineral replacements … just healthy natural sleep that makes me think I’m slowly descending into the depths of Hell.[/quote]

yeah i think lifting weights can do that to ya lol

if i dream and remmeber it, theres a few things…some are just random fucked up stories involving friends and family

but relatively often, if i remember a dream, it involves me killing many people, often in brutal ways (ie one of the last people i killed in my dream i brutalized with a screwdriver until i bent it beyond any possible re-use on his innards)

-typically it is out of necessity (survival, protection etc), and there is always more people that need to be killed before i wake up, like zombies, they just keep coming until it becomes tiresome and i wake up

i always found this bizarre to me because i’m not a violent agressive person (never fought, typically non confrontational etc)

orrrr, i’m about to get lucky with a girl and it gets foiled before anything happens, even more frusterating than my gore dreams haha

I think it may be related to eating before bed. I’ve had some weird dreams lately myself. The other night I had what may have been a semi-lucid dream. I realized I was dreaming and decided to go fishing. Unfortunately at some point I lost control and the dream went somewhere else.

Last night I had a weird dream that I was carrying a suicide-bomb device, although I had no intention of using it. It looked like the easy button from those Staples commercials.

No one on this site has trippier dreams than me. I can gaurantee that.

whiteflash, i challenge you to a dream off

i dreamed that i dated a girl with two heads, (second one was smaller (actually i knew both of the girls, and it was the younger sisters head) and sat on the shoulder in 3/4 of a cardboard box…and this kept me from noticing for the first couple weeks of seeing each other…while i drove my car through a river and got beached while trying to go to drive my coworkers from the Office to another dunder mifflin location (i was origioanlly at scranton,

althoguh i made up all the terrain in my head) for my boss michael scott…and then the killing began…this is part of one dream…

Since I’ve been on my med cocktail, my dreams haven’t been as vivid. But a typical dream for me would involve me killing any and all people. No emotion. No reason. Just killing everyone that crosses my path.

The scary part of the dream is when I wake up, I feel nothing. I just chock it up to it being a dream and keep moving forward. No sense in trying to analyze those dreams.

Almost all of my dreams are about survival or self defense of some kind… Some of them have surprisingly coherent story lines, too.

I warned you…

I was trapped in a giant meat packing plant [kinda like from the opening scene of Blade] that was at least a couple hundred yards long. Surrounding me on either side for as far as I can see is giant slabs of meat hanging off of hooks from the ceiling. In the distance there’s a platform with a handful of people dancing to what can only be described as satanic techno. Naturally I walk towards them.

As I get closer I realize that they’re skin has been torn off and I can see all their organs - like they’ve been turned inside out - and the platform they’re standing on is covering a vat of acid. At this point hooks fall [more like shoot] from the ceiling and rip through the meat of their backs.

As they’re suspended and screaming screams that literally haunted my dreams, the floor opens and they’re slowly dunked into the vat of acid. As they get to about mid knee level their screams wake me up.

I’ve got alot more that are this level of fucked up.

Have you stopped smoking marijuana recently?

Oh, and the dreams about murdering numbers of people? Pshh. I have those multiple times a week.

eff whiteflash…i had my next one (about me being bart simpson except miniture, living with a family of bears (in a house, half real, half cartoon)…buttt…i didnt know that by trippier you meant grosser…for that,

you’ve got no contest here, but if it were for straight up randomness, i would have to have more dreams for further review haha

Not sure if this is the case for anyone else, but I’ll usually have my most vivid dreams if I wake up, and then go back to sleep for like an hour or something, this may happen like 2 or 3 times. Sometimes the dreams sort of pick up where they leave off and other times it’s just 2 or 3 different ones. Not sure why :expressionless: .

haha thats happened a few times (as mentioned my sexy time dreams always get interupted one way or another) and i would try desperately but to no avail haha, if i wake up *usually its a new dream after

Smoke more weed…

You’re warned: I once dreamt that I had broken into a certain Deputy Whitebeaner’s house, beat him until he couldn’t fight me, tied him up, and lined up his family and asked him which one he wanted to go first. I executed them all, not listening to his pleas.

I merely stared at him while he sobbed and asked him, “What’s wrong?” “Doesn’t feel nice to beg someone huh?” I bent over him and proceeded to cut parts off his face off with my Emerson while he kicked and squirmed.

I dumped gasoline everywhere and on him and burned him and the house down. He was still alive. It was pretty vivid. Usually some of the senses are lost in translation, but not on this one. I felt, smelled, heard…thought. I recall actually thinking, “Damn, I just butchered a cop and his family.”

“How am I going to get away with this?” I woke up in the middle of the night saying to myself, “DAYUM!” I turned on the T.V and watched Spongebob till I passed out again. According to Freud, dreams are the unconscious’ way of ‘wish-fullfilment’. Damn, skippy folks.

I was in an “old west” style town - mountains in the horizon, old saloons, tumbleweeds strolling by, the whole nine - with a guy and a girl I knew [not in real life, just created them in my dream] doing some kind of work.

No matter how far we walk forward we always end up at the same spot we started. As soon as the sun sets some kind of vampiric [I use the term loosely as they were after more than our blood] creatures start chasing us. No one in the town will let us in their homes, and as we’re trying to find a hiding spot they grab the guy and start tearing him limb from limb.

We get away and are hiding behind a house when a little blonde girl in her little house on the prairie starter kit appears out of nowhere and tells us “You’ll never get out”. I grab her to get some answers and the town swallows itself, kinda like an implosion. Everything and everyone is gone and I’m standing in a blank sheet of white.

I have had some absolutely horrifying dreams. And I am very serious. Some dreams were such that I HONEST TO GOD did not know I could become so terrified. I mean sometimes in my dreams, the fear is so overwhelming that I just wake up. And I feel like I might get a heart attack and die.

The typical ones like zombies etc, which are so vivid and realistic and when you see the hordes of them chasing you, the panic is crazy and you believe you are going to die.

But here are others. These ones are very straneg and more frightening. Because they are very abstract. I don’t know exactly what or who is causing me the fear. But sometimes I will go through a dark dream, and in the end, I tak to someone/something. A conversation. I never remember what it is about and it varies with each dream.

That thing or person then reveals to me who they are, and I never remember what they look like. I do remember that I feel insane fear. Nothing in my waking life has ever made me so terrified than in those split seconds that I see his/it’s face.

Like once the dream was dark and it was in my mother’s bedroom. She is sitting near me facing away. We talk abit. It is dark, very dark in the room. Then when the time comes, she suddenly spins around and I see her face and wake up several seconds later. I don’t even scream. TBH i think I get too scared to scream.

These are things I haven’t told anyone I know in person about. I get quite disturbed even mentioning this tbh.

Has anyone here ever experienced hynogogic paralysis prior to waking up or falling asleep? I’ve experienced this just a couple of times and it is far more frightening than any nightmare I’ve had - and I’ve had a few dreams that were perhaps more gruesome than the ones WhiteFlash just described.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s no nightmare and very little in the real world that can rival being unable to move your limbs or even open your mouth to scream for help while experiencing the creeping sense of dread and an invisible, malevolent presence that always seems to accompany this state halfway between waking and sleep.