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Gnarls Barkley


I heard a song called "Crazy" on XM the other night, by a new group called "Gnarls Barkley." DJ Dangermouse and Cee-lo. Think of a blend of motown, blues, gospel, 70s funk, and a driving rock-inspired beat, coupled with tremendous vocals. If you want to hear the single, check out:


I strongly recommend it... it is very rare that I ever hear anything this fresh, and I almost never get all gushy like this over someone who didn't write about social contracts.


thsat's hot shit. i can relate cause i think i am crazy as i'm going through this girl/woman separation/discrimination thing thant's resulted in me not getting any in like 5 or 6 weeks now...i think i am crazy cause theres definite;y girls who want me ..who would be easy... but i just don't want them, and they're pretty ho tfor the most part. this is wierd...cause it'ds just sex isn't it ? i mean this is something i need right ? does that make me crazy ? wtf ? is this a midlife crisis and how can i be having it so early ??? fuck , does that make me crzy ?


Actually I was listening to BBC Annie Nightingale ... I downloaded that song and have been playing it everyday for the past week.


"Prince" style


dude didja see pince on snl a couple weeks back ? ripped it up man . jus t fuckin ripped it up.


"Crazy" established a new record here in the UK last week.

It was the first single to top the UK music charts without being available in the shops. It topped the charts from download sales only.



Swivel, are you drunk again?


yeah, I read about that last week at bbc.com, went and got the track real fast, great tune.


If your into your funky/progressive house type stuff radio 1 online have some excellent guest Dj's and recently had excellent coverage of the Miami winter music conference. Worth tuning in on a fri and sat night.


gnarls barkley update: every time i hear that song i lapse into a fit of rage which i can't shake until i either take a shit or destroy something...just when i was on the road to recovery from "hey ya" exposure now this weird mutant strain comes along...


I downloaded their album and although it was somewhat innovative, I just couldn't get "into" the whole groove of the album. Maybe I just didn't give it enough of a chance.


Sounds like a personal problem.


that song had been number 1 over here for the last month I think.


yes..i'm spending alot of time tearing phone books on the can.


Good stuff!