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GMM with DB Bench and SLDL?

Hey, Paul.

Still running Guaranteed Muscle Mass and making progress. I had a few more questions. I’ve been struggling with a shoulder impingement for some time and have had to make some adjustments to work around the issue. I have tried a number of things with the bench and incline to no avail. Also, for some reason, my last session with the stiff-legged deadlift left me with some serious forearm pain. I imagine it’s due to the scapula not being strong enough to stay in the proper position with heavy weight. I was wondering if I used dumbbells for the bench if you would still recommend working up to a single. As for an alternative to the SLD, I was thinking good mornings with a different rep scheme. Thoughts?

I wouldn’t be benching at all if you know KNOW you have shoulder impingement issues.

If you have forearm pain it’s probably not from your scapula. It’s probably (I can’t diagnose online) from an imbalance between your flexors and extensors.

I would def not work up to a single with dumbbells. I honestly feel like that’s a common sense thing man.

Good mornings would be a proper alternative there.

I appreciate the response. I kinda figured that the DB single wasn’t right. I have had some physical therapy where they mentioned that they think the source of my issues could be a shoulder impingement. The only real symptom that I struggle with is some “clicking”/ulnar nerve pain on some pressing movements. I attribute this to a lack of scapular strength and should stability. I’m trying to get some ART scheduled to address some of the soft tissue. Anything you would recommend to help alleviate the problem?