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Gmail Chinese Hackers


Thought this might be interesting for those with a gmail account;

Signed into my account this morning only to find that my email had been accessed from an 'IP address in China'. Cool hey?

The basterd managed to delete all my contacts bar one, but what was it's purpose?
To send emails (to my contacts) about a shop called Dattract.com

If you do a google search you'l notice that there has been a huge number of accounts being hacked in the past couple of months from IP addresses in China.

So if you have a gmail account, you have been warned.


fuck everything that is not in occident

I said it


Speak for yourself, guy. I just loaned a substantial amount of money to a deposed Nigerian dictator who assures me that not only will he protect me from such an atrocity, but that he will also reimburse me - with obscene interest - once he escapes the country and gets the holds on his bank accounts lifted.


someone is hacking the Chinese?


Hell, our jobs are headed over there, why not our email too?


Since when do they have access to the interwebz? Or was that just Google?


Thread title looks like Small Chinese Hackers


What was your password? I'm wondering if this was a brute force thing or if somethign more sinister is going on.


This is what appears in the account, when you have been hacked. (not my picture)


You must've has quite a weak password then?


OP, you do realize that the first thing most real hackers/crackers learn is to hide their IP right?


Probably, so it has been changed.

It's happening quite alot;


it happened to me a couple weeks back too. emailed everyone that had ever contacted me and all my contacts a stupid ad for tv's. Then deleted all of them. i had been using gmail since the beta, hundreds of contacts total. Lots of work contacts on there too, so i looked like a chump.

Fuck google, they don't even give a shit and they cant restore the contact list. what kind of fucking asshole hacks email and deletes their shit? i use yahoo now for all my important email, never had a problem with that account. oh yah, and fuck china too, don't they have something better to do....i thought they couldn't give themselves a handjob without big brothers permission.

yeah, i'm bitter.


FYI, for future reference it's probably a good idea to setup a desktop email client and sync your contacts. That way you have a backup, because you never know when shit can go down like this.