Hey guys
I have just been speaking to a friend who things he has found the saviour of all mankind, in the form of a supplement termed glyconurients. From what i understand these are a 8 “essential” sugars that your body needs to function properly, yet only two are avaliabe from ones diet (if the other 6 are essential why aren’t we dead??). They are said to “cure” things from asthma to diabetes to toxic shock syndrome blah blah blah. It sounds to me that they may (if anything) affect the cellular receptors in ones body thus having an effect (positive, one could assume) on the endocrine, autocrine systems etc (shit it was a long time since i looked at a physiology text!!). Has anyone heard of these, are they a hoax, is there any science behind these. any comments would be nice

Sounds like total bullshit as far as being essential. There is no such thing as an essential carb PEIOD. You could live your whole life eating no carbs if need be as long as you had plenty of fats and proteins.