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Glyconutrients and Internal Performance?


I'm trying to research the logic of glyconutrient supplementation, specifically whether advance ambrotose supplements actually have any positive effect on the body.
The claim is that these products improve "Cell to cell communication" resulting in better functioning of the immune system, the endocrine (glandular) system, and overall gland and organ function.

Seems like a subject with precarious logic.

Anybody know anything?


I wasn’t familiar with the topic until about 5 minutes ago. What I have seen is a bunch of marketing.

The fact that these supplements contain a handful of monosaccharides derived from glycoproteins seems rather pointless. Especially since our bodies contain a host of enzymes which easily break apart the polysaccharides leaving us with most if not all of those same monosaccharides. They claim that we are deficient in certain monosaccharides, but there isn’t much in the realm of support for that claim.

The studies that have been done to date seem to show no relavant advantage to taking them, except for study where herpes cells were concerned.

Add in the facts of how these products are marketed and it is a fair bet that they are useless.

I just see a scam that sounds sciency.