After reading “Natural Hormonal Enhancement” by Rob Faigin one gets the impression that it will take 3-4 days to deplete glycogen stores from the liver and muscles if you deprive yourself of carbs. (I have successfully used his diet plan to lose 45lbs in 5 months and I got stronger)

Now, Dr. Squat suggests a pre-workout meal that consists of complex carbs and protein 2 hrs before.

The reason for this is so the body will spare muscle glycogen, because if it gets too low the body will begin to use protein for energy.

So exactly how much reserve glycogen can the body hold in both liver and muscles?

For a typicl 70kg male athlete, you’re looking at 90g in the liver 400g in the muscles. The 400g figure will go up with more muscle.

I disagree with the a pre-workout carb meal being necessary to stave off catabolism of muscle protein. In fact, you’ll find that most people around here stick to protein and fat meals before exercise and then drink carbs and protein during/after their training sessions.