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Glycogen restoring

I have read all the posts on your cheaters diet and carb up days and I may just have missed the info I’m loking for but I couldn’t find it.
So my question is how long after a 7.5 hour carb sessions, ingesting say 1950 cals with 80% from carbs, would it take before glycogen levels have been depleted agian. You may not be able to answer this question because it is fairly dependant on the person I would imagine, but a ball park figure would be cool. Other info: I would be lifting for 2 days after, and eating between 1400-1500 Kcal per day, with 15 grams carbs.
Thanks for the help on previous questions, the cheating thing seems to be working awesome for me.
:slight_smile: Groove

Glycogen storage and usage can be a fairly individualized. What are your stats?/What kind of activity are you doing outside of the gym? It may be easier to address the question indirectly in terms of replenishment rather than depletion. Complete muscle glycogen resynthesis from total depletion takes several days and depends mainly on the 1.type of exercise (HIIT or steady-lower intensity) & 2.amount of CHO consumed during recovery. With continous exercise complete restoration with a high CHO intake requires ~46 hrs. Without a high CHO intake, muscle glycogen resynthesis takes ~ 5 days. With intermittant, short-duration exercise and normal to high CHO intake complete resynthesis can occur in ~24hrs. So… it still depends. Was muscle/liver glycogen totally depleted? What kind of exercise and activity is occuring? If your going with a 7hr. carb up…its pretty safe to say your not getting total replenishment. Witha low carb and hypocaloric intake over the following days its probably just a matter of hours(16, 18, 20’ish) before glycogen stores are significantly depleted again- also depends on activity over that time.

It depends on your activity level and your carb intake on strict days, but I’d imagine it would take a couple of days if going extremely low carb. Why are you looking for this information?

What is your maintenance intake? I'm thinking that it's probably higher than 1950 calories, and the refeeds should be about equal or slightly higher than your maintenance intake w/ about 70% coming from carbs, 20% protein, and then whatever fat you cannot avoid.

Hope this helps. Let me know how things work out.


Thanks for the info guys. Drock I just wanted to know because I wanted to make sure I was leaving enough time in between my carb ups. With the information you guys gave me it seems like I am doing the right thing so thanks,.
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