Glycogen, Blood Sugar and Training

To make sure I’ve got this right, consider the following:

A guy lifts, then after reducing or depleting his muscle glycogen stores, he carbs up post-workout. His muscle glycogen is now topped off. The next few days he doesn’t eat any carbs.

1-Once his liver glycogen is gone, then the body will pull aminos from the muscles and regulate blood sugar through gluconeogenesis (since muscle glycogen is not used to maintain blood sugar).

2-Because of #1, his muscle glycogen is left waiting to be used inside the muscle.

3-He can still weight train because of #3.

Am I correct?

Roughly and in theory yes but ytoull be hard presses to eat “NO” carbs even veggies, etc are going to give some enough to live on alomg side the liver stores if one is relatively inactive