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Glycobol & Lean Mass Gaining


Hi Guys ,

I'm 19
5ft 6"
Approx 8% BF

Just wondering if someone could answer a few questions for me. Just like many people in the world im looking for a relatively quick solution to get in shape. I have access to the gym 5 days a week (Mon-Fri)nutrition wise i'll be making sure i eat 6 meals a day protein/clean carbs.

The thing im not sure about is supplementation ?

So Far I've got myself some...

BSN CellMass

and im currently looking at using Glycobol , i havent used it before and havent spoken to anyone who has used it. However i have been reading a fair few reviews and it has proven to be quite effective for 8/10 people in increaseing mass and good for providing that "lasting pump" out of the gym which is always nice.

Is there anyone who can advise me the usage of glycobol or are there any other legal supplements that are effective with putting on lean mass quickly .




more importantly, what does your diet and exercise look like?


sorry mate i should have put more detail

Here is a rough idea of Phase 1 i plan to do for 6 weeks to get me back into the swing of things :slight_smile:

Exercise Reps Sets Rest

A1 Flat Bench 6-8 3-4 60secs
B1 Incline DB Press 6-8 3-4 60secs
C1 Cable Fly's 6-8 3-4 60secs
D1 Military Press 6-8 3-4 90secs
E1 Lateral Raise 6-8 3-4 90secs

Exercise Reps Sets Rest

A1 CG Bench 6-8 3-4 60secs
B1 Chin Ups 6-8 3-4 10secs
C1 Bicep Curls 6-8 3-4 60secs
C2 Dips 6-8 3-4 10secs

Abs Exercise Reps Sets Rest

A1 Bosu V-Sit 8-10 3-4 60secs
B1 Flag 8-10 3-4 60secs
C1 Low Cable Pull ins 8-10 3-4 60secs
D1 Hanging Leg Raises 8-10 3-4 60secs
E1 Lying Side Raise 8-10 3-4 60secs

Exercise Reps Sets Rest

A1 Pull Ups 8-10 3-4 60secs
A2 Kneeling Cable Row 8-10 3-4 60secs
C1 Compound Row 8-10 3-4 60secs
D1 Rack Pull 8-10 3-4 90secs

Exercise Reps Sets Rest

A1 Deadlift 6-8 3-4 60Secs
B1 Hack Squat 6-8 3-4 60Secs
C1 Leg Press 6-8 3-4 60secs
D1 DB Squats 8-10 3-4 60secs

Abs Exercise Reps Sets Rest

A1 Bosu V-Sit 8-10 3-4 60secs
B1 Flag 8-10 3-4 60secs
C1 Low Cable Pull ins 8-10 3-4 60secs
D1 Hanging Leg Raises 8-10 3-4 60secs
E1 Lying Side Raise 8-10 3-4 60secs

Nutrition is the hardest so im starting myself off on something i can prepare easily and doesnt require to much effore to make or eat, so ive gone with a simple and often repetative Low GI Plan like so

  1. Breakfast 6.30 am
    Pack of 2 Chicken breast / Handful Cashews/mixed nuts
  2. Mid morning 9.30 am
    Pack of 2 Chicken breast / Handful Cashews/mixed nuts
    2 Glycobol tabs

  3. Train 11.00 am
    12 �?�¢?? 15 Bcca Caps / Water

  4. Immediately Post workout 12.00 am
    Shake (L- Glutamine/ Whey)

  5. Lunch 1.00 pm
    4-6 egg omlete with chopped red onion , cheese and what ever i can find :slight_smile:

  6. Mid Afternoon 3.00pm
    Chicken Drumsticks / Mixed nuts

  7. Dinner 5.30 pm
    Protein / Carbs
    2 Glycobol Tabs

  8. Late Afternoon 7.30 pm
    Assorted Nuts / Dried Fruit

  9. Before Bed 10.30 pm
    Shake (L- Glutamine /Shake)Cottage Cheese

Obviously this will vary slightly from week 2 week as tedium will soon kick in with eating the same foods.

Obviously im trying to keep things simple for myself at the start till im in a solid routein then i can really mix it up alittle.

Any advice or help would be gratefully received :slight_smile:


personally, if youre trying to gain I would add in more carbs. Especially around your workout time, just prior, during, and after. Look up the peri workout protocols on this site. This is also the time I would use the glycobol since its a glucose disposal agent. I would also add in more protein during those times. Overall the diet and exercise look alright but I would most definately add more carbs, especially considering how lean you already are.


Your carbs are far too low. Going low GI is cool and all but there is a difference between low GI/GL and Low carb. It looks like you only have 2 Carb meals a day and no where near the workout window either!

I'd add some slow burning carbs to your meals like brown rice or oats in the AM , and in the meal following your workout add in some sweet potatoes or just go with straight white potato PWO. - non of these are expensive or hard to cook.

You absolutely definitely need carbs around that workout! I'd add a slow burning carb source to the meal preceding the workout (i usually go with oats/whey/raisen) then hit the gym 30minutes to an hour after that. Post workout add some fast acting carbs and ditch the L-glutamine! Your body is primed to take up nutrients at this time so as long as you don't go overboard an increase in insulin is a good thing at this time...

whether you choose to have that post workout shake during the workout is up to you, play around with the timings to suit how you respond.

Add your carbs gradually to the meals throughout the day concentrating at breakfast and pre/peri/post workout first then take things from there.

Cant comment on the Glycobol as I've never used it.