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Glycine and Its Benefits For Muscle Growth

How many of you use glycine in your supplementation program?
What doses (mg)?
Is there a specific timing for taking glycine?
Do you take it everyday whether it is a workout day or not?
Are there any supplements that interfere with the working of glycine?

Any input would be appreciated.

I have, although not currently (cost)

3-5 grams post-workout or before bed. Less if training early in the day and I’m working afterwards. Then it’s 1 gram maximum.

No clue about interference.

Some people will get amped by glycine, that’s not the intended effect.

GLYCINE is good to calm down. But made me fucking lazy. i stopped it.

My wife’s yoga teacher suggested 3 grams before bed for sleep, but we didn’t notice a significant difference. I do know that Frank Zane wrote about using glycine as a sugar substitute in his iced tea because it was so sweet-tasting. I never got around to trying that, but I’m sure it couldn’t hurt.

This talks a bunch about it:

Yep, every day should be fine.

It’s a simple amino acid, so I wouldn’t expect there are interactions.