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Wondering if any of you have expereince with using glycerol? I just read an article about it and supposedly if you bf% is real low in the 3-4% range, if you take glycerol the day before and the morning of a show or photo shoot, it will really saturate your muscles with fluid and create great vascularity. Anyone got any input on this? Thanks!

Also wondering that if you have used glycerol, what brand and product have you used, and what was your experience with the product you use?

I used this before my workouts to keep enough water in me, I got sick if i drank during my workout. I gained 15 pounds of water on it (2 tbsp b4 workout). I do not recommend it, but am not sure about pre-contests use. Local amateurs swear by it for contests.

is that the same glycerol found in some low carb protein bars?

Patty, what do your locals say about Glycerol use, how do they take it prior to a competition, and what product do they use?