Glycerol Cocktails

i’m just just wondering about mixing glycerol monosterate(GMS)/creatine cocktail with BCAA’s and L-glutamine/glutamine peptides. i want to know if the added aminos interfer with the cocktail or enhance it. my current pre, peri, and post workout cocktails and dosing, which i seem to be getting great results with is as follows:

30 minutes prior to workout

20oz. of water
10g of a GMS/taurine blend
1.75g leucine
.88g isoleucine
.88g valine
4.25g glutamine
4g glutamine precusors/glutamine peptides
5g creatine
3 scoops of Power drink mix(54g sugar)
200mg of ALA

15 minutes prior to workout
20oz of water

during workout

1 serving of Biotest Surge
3.5g leucine
1.75g isoleucine
1.75g valine
2.5g glutamine

post workout

same as during but with 5g of creatine added and another 400mg of ALA

just so you know i’m using glcerol to help me peak quicker it’s not a year round thing. also i’m just peaking to peak.