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Glycerol and cuts

Hey everybody. Listen, I’ve been taking the new Designer Glycerlean Time Release protein. A great product. But anyway, obviously it contains a good amount of glycerol, promoting a sponge effect. I’m also dieting right now and I honestly have been ticked because I’m just not seeing any definition when I’m taking in about 50g carbs a day. What gives? The glycerol bloating me? If so, is this stuff that great and is it recommended during a cutting phase? What is the good in glycerol for a guy like me? By the way, the malted muscles is pretty darn good. Thanks.

Read the article by Berardi at T-mag called “Bedtime Story”. He explains why these so-called nighttime proteins are no better than cottage cheese.

Glycerol has about 6-7 calories per gam if I’m not mistaken . . . and I don’t know if it really does anything for you besides hydrate you through some awkward mechanism. IMO, you’d be better off to use a mix of Casein, Fiber and EFA’s for your nightime protein. Talk about slow absorption!

Designer claims though that they have increased the size of the whey molecule, thus slowing absorbtion. AND, I know casein is effective, but there is not one good majority casein blend on the market. Some contain a good amount, but always less than whey. What gives? I know there is a market for a good casein product.

I always counted glycerol at 5.25cals per gram. I read that it was good for muscle hydration, so tried 3 x tablespoons per day for a couple of weeks once, but didn’t really notice any benefit in hydration terms.