Greetings, I have to travel out of town for a seminar soon. I will be on the road for 6 days and I will not have access to healthy food while in the seminar. I plan to buy some protein bars to supplement my diet. Well, all the Low Carb bars contain this stuff called “Glycerine” Does anyone know what it is? I have read that glycerine is a potential carb source but us not figured into the actual carb content of the bar as the body cant use the carbs from glycerine. Sounds kinda shady to me, can anyone shed some light on this? Oh, this is what was printed on the wrapper of the bar… “This product contains glycerine which is not a carbohydrate but has 4.32 calories per gram.” Thanks!


glycerine acts like a carb but doesn’t really have the same insulin-releasing effects of carbs. this has been discussed in previous threads, ill bump one for you.

Thanks dude! I ALWAYS check the archives, I dont know what happened this time. Thanks again!