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glycemic index (rainbow, bill)

I started lifting in the morning about a month ago. Everything is going ok except nausea begins to set in after about 30 minutes. I think it might have something to do with my breakfast. I usually eat a banana, protein shake, and a bowl of oatmeal or a nutri-grain bar.
I’ve been reading some of the glycemic index stuff and I think I might be getting sick because I’m eating the wrong foods. Can you tell me what is better to eat. Or what the problem might be?
Thanks as always for your help.

My grandmother used to do the same thing. It was with prescription drug books. She read about the side effects, and guess what? Or she would read about some “condition” and guess what? Gee, maybe that’s what ails me?

I had a similar type of problem when I began dieting and training first thing in the morning. I believe that the nausea sets in because your body is depleted of nutrients and it may need time to absorb all the nutrients before you begin to engage in physical activity. Your morning meal seems fine, but are you training immediately after this meal or are you waiting. If your are not waiting before you train, try it. If your body just needs more nutrients than what you are currently ingesting at breakfast, bring a low glycemic drink into the gym with you and sip on it as you go (Low glycemic drink = less of an insulin spike). The glycemic index of your foods shouldn’t make you nauseous in any case as it more has to do with the insulin response of your body, not digestion. This should help.

With the exception of oatmeal, everything in that breakfast spikes insulin levels. If you have a whey protein drink, a banana, and a nutrigain bar(which is loaded with sugar), no doubt it’ll reak havoc on your system. Especially if you have bad insulin resistance to begin with. Try solid protein instead of a protein shake, that will even things out a bit. That helped me, anyway.

Bottom line - strenuous exercise immediately after any kind of meal is going to cause nausea and puking as the exercised muscles steal blood from the digestive system - not a good idea to ever exercise immediately after a solid meal - you need to allow at least an hour for partial digestion if not wanting to upchuck after squats. Better off to lift on an empty stomach and sip surge SLOWLY during WO.