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Glycemic Index Question


Just ran a few things in my fridge through the GI database here:


Came out with some surprising results. Nutella, which is packed with chocolate and added sugars, only has a GI of 25-33. How can this be? The protein from the milk and nuts? Also, strawberry jam which is traditionally packed with added sugar is a relatively moderate 51.

Am I missing something?


Not to sound like a dick, but what do those numbers matter?


well, everything i understand about the glycemic index is that foods high in simple sugars (such as nutella and strawberry jam) create a big insulin spike and thus have a high glycemic index. in the thirties seems rather low. just wondered if i was misunderstanding something.


Glycemic index is just a bit weird in that it's a measure using 100g of whatever food you're eating. So even if something's made with straight glucose, if there's quite a few other macronutrients, water, etc. in the product then it's not going to rate quite as high.

Same thing goes the other way around as well. Table sugar's got a huge GI, but there's no way you'd take in 100g all at once (I hope).

Try looking into Glycemic Load, it's a bit more realistic. Plus if a food's label straight up says that it's made with a ton of simple sugars you really shouldn't need a glycemic index score to tell you that it's going to shoot your blood sugar up quite a bit.



Do some more reading before posting OP.


thank you for your reply. the serving size for the jam and the nutella was actually 20g as oppose to 100g. i dont think many people would smash in 100g of jam or nutella at a time (a typical jar is 200g). the GL was also low from a 20g serving. 4 for the nutella and 10 for the jam.


glycemic index is only relevant if you ONLY eat the said amount of the given food.

in other words, eating a couple spoonfuls of sugar will spike insulin (relatively) high

but if you put the same couple spoonfuls of sugar in a big bowl of oatmeal, the insulin response would be much different (read: smaller)


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Glycemic Index is weird. One thing to keep in mind is that the sugar fructose tends to have a much lower GI than glucose.
Not that it really matters. Like stated before, GL is a somewhat more useful number.