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glutton bowl

anyone see this show on fox?these guys are animals!

bet some Fat Faster on day 30 could really go far in that “competition”… mmm…

I was so appalled by it, I actually turned the TV to figure skating.

It was like a bad train wreck, no matter how disgusting,(and insulting to my intelligence) it was, I couldn’t turn away and watched the whole damn show. If only I could eat my veggies with an iota of the enthusiasm those people showed…

that lil asian guy is the man.

In a few weeks we’ll either see them on an informercial for the ab roller or as body for life champions:)

The winner of the hotdog eating contest in New York (I believe it is Nathan’s) for the past several years has been a different 150 lb Japanese guy every year. One guy ate something like 35 hotdogs, including the buns. He beat a 350 lb monster. The female champion was a Japanese girl who ate 25. So much for the stereotype of the light-eating Japanese.

Not only do those japanese guys eat alot the one on the glutton bowl had some ripped abs, damn I’m envious, maybe thats how I should eat!grin Has anyone ever seen that music video by the band “God Lives Underwater?” One of those japanese guys is eating food the whole way through the video(about 3min.). The video was reversed so by the end of the song you could see that he had eaten an entire dinner table worth of food!!! LOL!