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Glutes in the Squat


Not so much a question as a story. So I have recently started back at the gym. When I arrived here in West Africa I started at the gym at 40kg on the squat and quickly got up to about 80kg in a few weeks. I used to lift years ago and my PB is 130kg 5x5. However, my job is quite stressful and moving to a new country, in a new continent in a foreign language, adapting to a new job etc. AND going to the gym proved too much so I stopped.

Life is more settled now so I have gone back but this time I wanted to work on glute activation during my routine so I have made a concious effort to make sure my glutes are firing whilst I squat. I got them to fire last week whilst practising with 40kg (squat 3x a week and will add 2.5kg each session) and they really ached for a few days after. Now I can’t stop them firing up during the movement but I also feel the glutes getting tired before the rest of my muscles which is going to make progression slower I think.

Anybody else have an opinion on this or any experience doing the same?