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Glutes in Bodybuilding


I had a thought about bodybuilding the other day and I was hoping some of the more experienced vets around here could help me sort it out.

Basically, what puzzles me is the following.

Whenever someone comes around and says something along the lines of "you don't need to do curls/ext. because your bis/tris are hit by chin-ups/pressing," more experienced lifters are very quick to point out that some direct training for the muscle group is closer to optimal.

Likewise for legs, well-rounded splits hit the big compounds of course, but are bound to have calf-raises, curls, and extensions. What puzzles me is that you hardly see any isolation work for the glutes (something like a weighted or banded glute bridge) as most seem to rely on the fact that they are worked during squats, rdl's, lunges, etc.

Can anyone explain the discrepancy?


Well, for most of the people I know (myself included) back-squatting just makes your ass grow like crazy. The arms just don't get the same amount of (relative) growth from chest/back/shoulder oriented exercises.

Work up to 405 on the back squat and you'll most likely find that your glutes are quite large (even relatively).


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I do split squats at the end of every leg day and they kill my glutes. Not sure why guys don't focus more on glutes but the girlz love it.