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Glutes Fatigue When Deadlift

hHey guys.
I’ve been doing Jonnie Candito’s linear program for 11 weeks. But recently I found my glutes are easy to fatigue when I deadlift.

So there are two Lower body day, Squat 3x6 then DL 2x6/ Paused 6x4 then Paused DL 3x4.

The fatigue started about 2 weeks ago, When I finished 140kg 3x6 Squat ,I went 137.5 2x6 DL. 1st set is okay but glutes already felt fatigue.i don’t think I can finish the 2nd set with 137.5 so I cut 2.5 kg, but still couldn’t finish the set. Puased Day was fine but still suffered from the Glute fatigue.And both sessions I rest at least 5m btw sets.
I think maybe because I’m tired so I take a deload week and still this week I can’t finish 135kg.
Actually I always feel the starting point is the hardest(even warmup with 100kg.)My glutes is always the part that works hardest and I can’t feel my quads at the starting point.

Wasn’t sure if it’s because of my form so here’s the video.

The muscle which fatigues first is the weak link.

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Your basically doing a romanian deadlift off the ground. Your back is close to parallel to the ground when the bar starts moving.

Your back might be a little rounded, but it’s not too bad at all. If you ever have any sort of unusual back sensations that might indicate impending injury, you might want to work on that but otherwise I personally wouldn’t.

So here’s the good part. You’ve got an okay hip hinge. I don’t think you’re setting yourself for injury.

The bad part is that you’re not using your quads at all as you alluded to already which means your not lifting as much as you could.

Remember that the bar won’t come off the ground until your armpits are over the bar. That’s where the spine of the scapulae is. It looks like your trying to start the lift with your armpits behind the bar then as you try to lift it up you go to the armpits over the bar because of physics which lifts your hips up and moves your knees back before the bar starts moving.

The shoulders behind the bar cue is for people who start too far over the bar. That doesn’t seem to be you so I might drop that cue. Keep in mind it’s kinda hard to tell for me since the vid is on its side.

Now from that position that I mentioned you pull your hips down and back.

So I would drop the weight to practice this new form while working on quad strength/muscle with narrow stance back/front squats, leg presses, leg ext, lunges, etc.

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I used some light weight to practice low hip today.Here’s the video
I stand a little far from the bar than usual(maybe 1cm) cuz I can’t pull the bar with low hip at usual position…Lower back seems flat but the weight is light and I actually can keep it flat when I warmup, when it goes heavy sometime it rounds a little, but there’s no pain after training.
Actually can’t tell any difference sicne I just finished last week training yesterday and my whole body are exhausted.But I feel like I’m using more lower back than usual, but still can’t be sure since my whole body are sore.
I’m gonna try again with lighter weight on my next lower body training session on Friday and see how it goes.
But anyway ,thanks!


those videos were night and day, 2nd much better.

Dont worry about a rounding back, you will never keep it flat on PR attempts or heavy sets.

You should TRY to keep it flat though. Lots of warm up sets and working sets in the pre rounding percentages (80-85% ish for me) to help build good form.

I feel like you should be using more lower back when the back is more horizontal but just changing something small can force the body to work differently and that might be what you are feeling.