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Glutes Cramping


So the other day at the gym I was doing heavy KB swings. I like to do them as warmups or cooldowns as part of my other big exercises like squats and DLs.

So i finished my workout and did KB swings, this time a little more heavier than usual and by the 2nd set, my glutes started to cramp which was the first time it happened. I stopped and did some ab work and called it a day. It didnt cause any further pain or anything but the sensation was odd amd i was wondering if this is good or bad and if this happened to others.


Drink more water. Cramps are result of not enough hydration 99% of the time.


oh i drink enough water, do you think its overtraining during a workout? I know after doing full squats and DLs my glutes are pretty much fried.


Practice cramping your glutes. Think of it as a self massage


it happened just one fucking time and you're here to start new trade???? niiice

you should take more potassium


What does your warm up look like? Do you have a foamroller?


As they should be.

Electrolyte balance is the other thing I can think of - more potassium. Potatoes, bananas and milk are good sources.


for warmups, i do 5-10 mins of cardio (treadmill, plyos, or KBs) stretching/foam rolling and activation execises. I try to have full ROM before squating and DL'ing. This whole warmup routine takes a good 20 mins which is worth it.

postworkout, i inculde ab work, quick cardio like the mentioned KB swings and stretching. Although i could spend more time stretching but at this point i'm ready to call it a day.


Is there a dynamical element to your warm up? (i.e. squat jumps, leg swings, walking lunges with long strides, etc.?) KB swings are explosive and will recruit your glutes quite rapidly, and it's something you need to prepare yourself for in a warm up. Here's a great little warm up complex I do with just the 45lb barbell right before my first warm-up sets:

-5 jump shrugs
-5 hang cleans
-5 push press
-5 front squats
-5 bent over rows
-5 stiff leg rdls

Should be done explosively, and takes less than a minute. Give it a shot, see if it resolves the cramping.


yeah, besides plyos exercises I might do OH squats, OH lunges, good mornings or hip bridges. I tend to mix it up with each session so warmups doesn't get stagnanted and the hopes of finding a good niche where it can suit my workouts. I'm on the fullbody workouts so I usually squat or DL first and do warmups geared to it so i have enough ROM and mobility not to mention tight hip flexors that needs to be losenen each time.

I don't really do complexes for warmups but it might be more time efficent so i'll give it a shot.


Don't stop doing what you're doing though. All good things. I would personally drop the 5-10 min of biking though, unless your body is physically cold (as in walked in sub-freezing weather to get to the gym.) Your warm up is plenty to get your body temp up.