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Glutes and Hams


Question when doing leg presses I dont seem to hit the glutes but the hams and calfes mostly instead. Any alternative excercises I can do besides weighted lunges ? ...

Oh yeah and what is the rom I should aim for on the leg press have been told different things now severall times ie max to 45 deg. or as far as you flex your knees can ?

ps: have problems with l3 disk ( mri coming up in september and believe mainly due to underdeveloped glutes and and as a result compensating with my legs


Squats and Deadlifts are what you need.


Try reading Mike and my "Get Your Butt in Gear" series. Often, you have to learn to turn the glutes on in order to see any progress; gluteal dysfunction is actually very common and is implicated in a lot of lower back disorders.


Dump the leg presses for a while and try Barbell squats. Do them correctly and you will hit your glutes and hams.


If you have a lower back injury, you can try Romanian deadlifts (if your back can handle it). The weight isn't as heavy as a regular squat and specifically hits the glutes and hams.

You'll have to work on your lower back flexibility as well. If you are lacking flexibility, then you might not be able to hit the glutes as much.


lmjudek and Zeb,

apex mentions that he has problem on his back, meaning Dealifts and suqats may not be good for him.

Geek boy


Deadlifts and squats might be bad, too.

Lunges and step-ups are good. The article EC mentioned has about 700 different ass exercises in it. Check it out!

For the leg press, bring your legs down as far as you can without curling your lower back. Don't bounce the weight off your body.


As mentioned above, squats and deadlifts may not be good for your L3 problems. However, I squat (not heavy) and deadlift (very heavy) with two torn discs, L4-L5 area. Proceed with caution until you get the results from your MRI. I believe the set ROM in the machines can cause lower back problems as well.


Leg Press can be one of the worst exercises you can do with a back problem. Read Cressy and Robertson for the best ideas.