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Gluten Free Weight GAIN Help Needed


I am 5’ 11 and 140 pounds and desperate to gain weight, the only problem is I am gluten intolerant and find it hard to consume the carbs needed to gain as i find it hard to stomach large amounts of rice and potato etc.
My gym routine is good i just struggle with the diet. Any one got any tips on gaining on a relatively low… Maybe 100-150g carbs a day diet? Should i replace the calories needed with more protein and fat?
Any help appreciated


Suck it up.

A big guy once said " Everyone wants to get big, no one wants to work for it".

Out of curiosity, what it this routine?


Um how many calories are you taking in?


I bulked up without eating grains (60kg to 90kg) without eating any grains other than sometimes eating rice cakes. I keep the protein high and up the fat. Lots of milk, olive oil, eggs, meat and cashew nut butter.

Make a shake if you struggle getting the calories in.


I should have seen that coming! I don’t mind eating i suppose what i should have said is “does anyone have any tips on getting more carbs into my diet that endless bowls of rice and potato”

I try go for chest/tri back/bi legs and shoulders/abs splits. Within each i do a heavy set medium set and a light set for example heavy 3 sets 8-10 reps on bench, medium 3sets on dumbbell press 10-12 reps and light x 3 12-14 reps on cable flies

Might not be ideal all i know is I always ache like F for days after!


Most days i can get to 2500-2750 just by high protein/fat foods I only started a few weeks back however


That is music to my ears i can eat unlimited fats and.protein i just have trouble with carbs so it’s good to hear you achieved with the same


Quality of the answer is in direct correlation with the quality of your question.


Then it is a good job c-adams understood and offered advice but thanks for dropping by.


Quinoa is a good grain without gluten. Beans and legumes are awesome too. Oatmeal (spend the $ for steel cut if possible) If you can tolerate it.

Flax seed, chia seeds, and nuts will help. High fat, high fiber, good protein.


Thanks man suppose I haven’t thought much about seeds and other grains i will give it a try


i would really look into making some shakes. I can nearly get all the calories you get in a day, in two shakes. Takes less than a minute to make and drink each one.


You are right. What sort of things do you put in yours?


Milk, bananas, cashew butter, olive oil and sometime protein powder. I just made one with just milk and cashew butter, around 1500 calories.