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Gluten- Free Protein Powder?


I used MHP's Probolic SR for about a year, then tried Elite 12 (which, despite its "gluten free" stamp on the label, is NOT gluten free), then Optimum Nutrition's Casein (which is not very good).

Metabolic Drive has wheat ingredients, so I can't take it. Does anyone have a recommendation for an alternative casein or whey/casein/soy blend?


I don't think the mods will be happy with people posting competitive protein brands, so you probably won't get many responses. Do some research on your own.


Actually it is "produced in a facility that also processes wheat and egg products"

it does not "contain wheat" perhaps some miniscule amounts due to cross contamination but you can bet its negligible. I am also required to follow a wheat and gluten free diet and have NEVER had any issues. I use nothing else in terms of protein powders.


What are the wheat ingredients in Metabolic Drive?

I've used it and Grow! for a long time and have never noticed any.


Yea, I think I actually emailed Biotest a while back and asked if there products were gluten free and they said yes. You might want to do the same. You should be fine unless you have severe gluten intolerance.


Certain flavors of Muscle Milk are gluten free - but they aren't exactly Metabolic Drive either.


Email back from Biotest:

There are no wheat ingredients in the formula, although since they are produced in a facility that also processes wheat products there is an ever-so-slight chance that there could be microscopic quantities present in a particular bottle.

Such levels typically don't present a problem for those who are sensitive to gluten, however.

Basically, they are saying the same as those here on the forum, which is contrary to what is published as information from the label.

I'll give it a try. Thanks for the tribal knowledge.