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Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Refeeds

Looking for interesting stuff to eat during refeeds that is free of gluten and dairy. High carb, low fat. Must taste good.

Some things I have so far:

Rice w/ sugar (but without butter this gets boring quick)
Potatoes w/ sugar (ditto)
Grits with maple syrup
Oats with any kind of sugary stuff added


(Aside: Is it true that fructose is ineffective for refeeds? It would be great if I could shovel in the fruit, but everyone seems to be against the idea.)

sounds gross

how many grams of carbohydrates do you have to take in at once? I feel like I’m able to fit in fat no matter how many carbs I’m looking to eat

I shoot for 500-600.

I would just drink sports drinks with your rice, adding sugar to it will be heinous

Vanilla Almond milk? Rice Milk? Yum love that stuff PWO.

There was some article on here that talked about high fructose fruits vs low fructose fruits. You can look that up. But its hard to overfeed on fruit. They’re so filling and nutrient dense.

Love the rice milk idea. Thanks.

hash browns
you could use a nonstick pan and a cooking spray and make a bunch of them. ketchup would add carbs as well
I can down an obnoxious amount of potatoes this way with little effort.

sour patch kids, red vines

Why would anyone be opposed to using fruit? My understanding is that fructose and glucose are isomers. Maybe, try some sugar on watermelon or berries, I also know you can buy bags of dextrose pretty cheap maybe add some sugar free crystal light?

You could also try Karo’s Corn Syrup (mainly glucose) and add that to the sweet potatoes. Basically whip yourself up some Thanksgiving Candied Yams.