Gluten-Free Alcohol

Which alcoholic beverages are gluten-free? I read a lot of conflicting info on this.

I figure beer is off limits except for specially made gluten-free beer.

When it comes to hard liquor, I read that distilling prevents any gluten from being included. But some other sources says that it’s still risky.

I’m most concerned with whiskey.


This says get wasted to me.

according to the author of Wheat belly, your drink of choice should be red wine. Interesting side note, Bud lite is brewed with rice and is considered 99% gluten free ( google it) so it is a good alternative when your choices are limited.

Gluten free beer - (mostly gross)
Potato Vodka - (good)
Rum - (pretty good)
Tequila - (gross)

Of course you still need to do your own research and find brands that are made without cutting corners. Some cheaper spirits are made with grain alcohol, water, color, and flavor added. Company website will have information of weather their product is gluten free. Plus I am pretty sure there are at least a couple blogs of people with celiac disease and how they live, eat and drink.

You can also do the ciders which some of those are pretty good (some are way too sweet tho).

Beer wise- Redbridge by Busch is only good when it is ice cold. After that it tastes like crap. Some of the other ones are too expensive to validate their purchase.

I haven’t really noticed any issue with any liquors other than killing me b/c of over-consumption. And wine is safe as well.

Im a fan of redbridge. There are plenty of others if google wasn’t broken.

JD is gluten free: FAQs

Im more worried about my liver than my gut. I can fix gut health easy, liver on the other hand…is a muthfucka!

Mead: wine made from honey. It gives you a great energy boost and no shitty hangovers like grape wine causes.

Learn to brew your own mead. It is so easy it’s ridiculous. Once you get a fermenter, just heat up the honey until it dissolves in water (3 lbs. honey per gallon of water), let it cool, add your yeast and in about 4 weeks your batch will be ready,

It is also available in stores but usually only in specialty liquor stores that have large variety.

[quote]MrMuzik wrote:
Mead: wine made from honey. It gives you a great energy boost and no shitty hangovers like grape wine causes[/quote]
The only reason it would give you more “energy” than a wine of equal alcohol content is that it had more sugar in it.

Mead will get you messed up pretty quick I find. But it is also a very different taste- I think it’s pretty close to the flavor of sparkling cider without the fizziness.

I’ve been gluten-free for a few months now… usually drink vodka (Tito’s is my go to brand). You have to be careful with beers, but for the most part hard liquor is okay because of the distilling process. Of course, if you’re celiac or super sensitive you should verify before drinking anything. When in doubt, go with red wine.