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Gluten Digestive Enzymes


Do these over the counter digestive enzymes actually work?

Has anyone actually used them?


Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think it makes sense at least for celiac. In celiac the gluten gets digested, but the fragments cause an autoimmune/allergic response (the digested fragments are taken into gut cells and the immune system starts to recognize them as foreign for a period of time.

Also I don’t think Gluten is the main problem with wheat. It contains many gut irritants, lignins and protective proteins and something like 200-500% as much as other grains. And chronic ingestion of psylium (grain fiber) causes leaky gut syndrome which lets enteroviruses and toxins cross the gut barrier and spark other autoimmune diseases such as type I diabetes, crones, possibly type II diabetes, lupus, thyroid autoimmunity…

So basically if you have celiac I’d say no, its not going to prevent celiac problems, and if you don’t have celiac it is not going to eliminate the worst things about wheat, unless you just happen to be gluten sensitive.

As for me, I know that wheat causes inflammation, especially nasal, as well as headaches. Corn and oats and beans aren’t as bad, but I still feel similar symptons. White rice and potatos, potato starch seems to be OK.


My friend recommended these ones to me: Digest Spectrum

She said they work but not enough for her but she has multiple food intolerances. I am intolerant to the sugars: fructans (found in gluten containing foods), sorbitol, and lactose. This means i’m missing the enzymes to digest these sugars, so bacteria in colon digest them instead.

I did the low FODMAP elimination diet through my dietician and it has helped a lot. But may take these enzymes when i eat out and can’t avoid everything.

If you are a coealiac they wont work as it’s the gluten that damages your stomach lining, not the sugars.


Just don’t eat wheat if it poses much of a reaction or issue. Plenty of other sources you can get the same nutrients.