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Glute Training for Sports Performance


Hi coach,
I have had great success with my version of growth factor glutes for women by following your principles. (This has mainly been for aesthetic purposes, hypertrophy).

But how would you train glutes for mens sports performance, specifically contact sports eg rugby, football.
I primarily use the hip thrust as the main compound movement, so would you work it in like any main strength move or use something like HDL or a combo of both?
Any tips much appreciated


I would use a combination of a decently heavy movement (4-6 reps); something like a goodmorning, Romanian deadlift or barbell hip thrust, 1 intermediate exercise for slightly higher reps (8-10 reps) for example a reverse hyper or glute ham raise, 1 more targeted exercise for higher reps (12-20 reps) like cable pull-through.

And would do moderate intensity sled dragging (walking bent over slightly, holding the sled’s pulling ropes between the legs) or prowler work for distances of about 120 feet for 6 sets or so.

I personally do 4 strength workouts every 8 days and 4 loaded carries/sled work every 8 days. Those sled/loaded sessions are about 35-40 minutes and are not draining or all-out GPP sessions they are to build muscle without the stress of having an eccentric phase.


thanks coach, your feedback is always gold. thank you for your time