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Glute Tightness

It started as “low back pain/tightness” now its almost solely in my left glute, right around the belt line. Ive seen my PT, massage therapist, and now a chiro. It’s not debilitating, but its there and its annoying. I’ve rested it and stretched it. I’ve started focusing more on strengthening my glutes.
Has anyone successfully dealt with sort of tightness? What’d you do?

It sounds like it could be a result of a tight psoas (the main hip flexor). When the psoas is too tight or in spasm it will make your lower back hurt, cause anterior pelvic tilt, and can make your glutes hurt as well, plus they will be inhibited. I used to get that once in a while, stretching the hip flexors and activating glutes is what helped me. Look up “half kneeling hip flexor stretch” and do glute bridges after. Make sure to contract your glute on the side you are stretching.