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Glute Strain/Low Back Issue/Legs Giving Out

Hey guys

My lower back gave out on me during squatting last week, I gave it a break it felt much better but tried again last night but the same thing happened.

Today, the glutes on both sides feel uncomfortable where they attach to the lower back, which in turn, I feel, is pulling on the sacrum. I squat 3 times a week and tend to do just some bodyweight squats and stretches on my off days. Is it possible I have just overworked the glutes and they decided not to support me anymore in the squats which caused the problem?

On a side note, for last few weeks or so my legs have just been randomly giving out on me. Not enough to cause me to fall over but enough for my knees to buckle. Could this be related to overworked glutes?

I tend to feel squatting in glutes and not much in my hams, could weak hamstrings be an issue?

Im seeing a sports therapist tonight but was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts?

much appreciated


Spoke to the sports therapist, nothing really wrong just a little tight in the legs.

Having a guess it was just a muscle in that area giving out after being over worked, causing my lower back position to shift qucikly and straining the sacrum area (pretty much where I tore something last year)

Gonna take another week of back squatting but will work some streches and do some goblet squats.

do u feel any tingles or numbless in your legs/feet? i have a similar issuee. it feels like my back and the one glute (not both sides like u) have frozen up. stretching w/ a rounded back has helped me regain more comfortable ROM almost instantly.

after stretching i do feel slight numbness in my toes on that side. seems like im pressing on the sciatic nerve. your knee buckling seems to be the same type of thing. i dont have any coordination problems tho or knee buckling.