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Glute Pain When I Deadlift - Maybe Sciatic Nerve

Please Help!

(15y/o and 145lbs)
Started lifting August 2016 and haven’t had this issue ever. Since about the beginning of December 2017 my right glute hurts when I squat and deadlift. I took a week off but it was still hurting. I started doing glute stretches and rolling my glute every day and didn’t squat or deadlift throughout December or January. I tried deadlifting again yesterday doing only 235 for sets of 4(max around 350) and I still felt pain. I did some research and I think it might be something to do with my sciatic nerve. I’m doing a powerlifting meet in April so I’d really like to fix this issue soon.

Not a doctor, but someone who has dealt with sciatica since almost the beginning of this century: If you are feeling it in the glute, it’s probably something in the glute or one of the connected muscles and not the sciatic. Nerve pain typically radiates from the source, you don’t usually feel it right where the issue is. Example, I get shooting pains down my legs when running sometimes (not every time, that would suck even more), but they start about mid-thigh and run down into my calf. When I first got it, it presented as a dull ache covering an entire leg (usually one or the other, rarely both at the same time) which got worse with any kind of intra-abdominal pressure - such as heavy lifting or grappling with someone on top of me.

Again, not a doc. You’re best bet to find and fix is to see a doc, preferably going straight to an ortho or PT/ATC - your family practice guy will most likely just say ‘no lifting, light activity for 4 weeks and we’ll see what happens’.