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Glute Pain Looking For Help

Was squatting about six weeks ago went down for a third rep in a set of 5 and felt a slight tug in my glute, went down for the next rep it was fine until the final lockout of the lift, the lockout of my squat became painful, i pushed through my last two sets and called it a day, there was no bruising no pop sound, no excrutiating pain throughout the lift until lockout, lockouts are now at a pain scale of about 7.5 out of 10 which has not changed in the 6 weeks since the injury, the pain is in my right glute just below the SI joint, and extends in a linear pattern from that area to the top of my hamstring.

When I squat down it feels like the muscles are stretching out and once they do it feels relieved, but upon standing at lockout, the muscle feels like it is being over tightened. i have been icing, heating, using icy hot, using a tens unit, foam/pvc rolling, using a lacrosse ball, and even took 2 weeks away from squatting and deadlifting, nothing makes it feel any better, to cover the bases, i know it isnt the piriformis, ive had that problem before that isnt it, this is a totally different kind of pain, and secondly it isnt an SI Joint inflammation either, also have felt what that feels like, and again, not the same kind of pain.

Any help is appreciated thanks.