Glute Injections Advice?

Hi guys,

I’m on my first cycle, first of all I had loads of pain after injecting and it’s gradually got better and better. I am injecting with 25G 1 inch needles. The pain has got a lot better and I used to feel slight discomfort but in my most recent injection I have felt nothing.

I just want to know how people know for sure that they are hitting the muscle? I am quite lean but It just made me think that maybe I haven’t been hitting the muscle in my jabs and might of been hitting fat. How do you know for sure?


If a 1” needle is going in then you’re hitting muscle.

Pin the Upper outside quadrant of the glute, if you are using a 1” needle and you are fairly lean I’m sure you are hitting it. That’s all I have ever used and I never had an issue, I’d get the odd bit ooze out of the injection site after once in a while but not a big deal.

You’d have to have quite a bit of fat to not hit muscle with a 1" needle.