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Glute Injection Gone Wrong

Ok it’s been 7 days and I still have swelling about one foot down my leg and about 8 in his in width.
The injection spot is a darker red.
I injected to far away from my asshole and something has gone wrong.
My leg has pretty decent range of motion but if I sit on it or try to use it it tingles All over.
No paralysis at all just tingles. It hurts to any touch and I can’t lift at all.

What the hell is this. I’m going to doctors tomorrow and want to tell him what I think it is.
Is it infected?

You most likely do have an infection. Personally I wouldn’t wait another day to see the doctor. Head to the ER today. Infections are no joke.

I know you want answers now bit just wait till you see the doctor. Afterall he is a doctor. Sounds like you hit a nerve or possibly infected but the doc should know.

well the ER is much more expensive than urgent care or doctors office. and they are all closed today…

does any one know what procedure for hitting a nerve is…?

Go to the fucking ER ffs.

Is it soft and spongy like when you touch the injection site?

hey BUDs
that post was excellent thank you.
went to doc today, infected with small abess, already feeling better.

it’s times like these we should be able to share sources because getting dirty gear is just fucked up. Assuming you used proper sterilization procedures and all that good stuff.