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GLUTE-HEM raises

natural glute-hem raises are impossible for me. (The ones where someone holds down your legs while u go up using your hamstrings while knees are on the floor). I can deadlift 225 for reps, I don’t think i have weak hamstrings, but why can’t I do them? I can’t do ONE! Can someone suggest a routine for me to be able to start repping with them? I’d appreciate your help.

run a search on the subject…i just asked the same question like a few days ago…

you DO have weak hamstrings. do romanian dl, arched back goodmornings, and keep working on at least negatives of glute HAM raises. use a rope or cable machine to help you up.

Don’t dispair…this is an advanced exercise. I can deadlift 425lbs and still cannot do a concentric rep. I would suggest using other exercises like romanian deadlifts, increasing your deadlifting poundages and even leg curls. You’ll get there eventually!

Hate to tell you but you DO have some weak hamstrings. Search the forum for a routine as suggested. Advice: Do negatives.

I’ll repost it here:
Kneel on a pad or folded towel and hook your feet under something sturdy and padded. Or you can have someone hold your ankles for you. Rotate your pelvis posteriorly (Shorten the distance between your pubic bone and sternum.) by tightening the glutes and abs. You may draw your belly button in towards your spine if this makes it easier to rotate. Your lumber spine should be flat or even slightly rounded. Not arched! Put your arms out like you are doing a pushup. Keep your head over your shoulders and look at the floor 7-8 feet out in front of you. Keeping everything tight, slowly start to lower yourself to the floor. Have someone watch you or look in a mirror sideways. You may get to a point where your technique changes. At this point, if possible change direction and go back to the start. Most people have problems on the concentric phase. If this is your case, only perform the eccentric part until your strength improves. Your body should be tight. A straight line from shoulders to hips. One unit working together. Only the knee joint moves. Neck, lumbar spine and hip joint all held isometrically. Work within the range of motion where you have good technique. This exercise like others will do you no good if you execute it by cheating or calling on other muscle groups to finish the range. The last rep should look like the first rep. You may have to place a bench in front of you to catch yourself and push yourself back to the starting position. As you get stronger you can move to a small box or aerobic steps. You don’t have to perform a full range movement in order to recieve the benefits of this terrific exercise. If available you can perform this exercise on a glute/ham bench, two benches of the same height placed side-by-side, a wide bench or a traditional high pulley machine by turning the seat sideways if possible, kneeling on the seat with your back to the weight stack and your ankles under the knee pads. This is an excellent way you can also use the cable with a rope attachment for a counter balance if your hamstring strength is not sufficient. Or in a squat rack with an elastic band. The glute/ham bench will also bring in the calfs as well if done properly. The glute/ham bench can also be modified by the placement of the knees on the pad thus making the exercise easier of harder. Hope this helps. Write back for more info.

if only the knee joint moves, then your hamstrings do not perfomr a hip extension function and only serve as knee flexors and thus your are doin a hard, manual leg curl, not a glute ham raise.

thanks a lot Stronski, your response was very detailed. I’m going to nail a rope to the bottom of a wall which will serve the same purpose as someone holding my feet. Since I can not do ONE rep ‘going up’, i’m going to start from the top and go down slowly. I’m going to try to work on ‘alligning’ everything like you mentioned. Thanks a lot for your detailed response.

strength is relative to each person. Having alot of upper body fat would make the glute ham raise even more difficult. People need to realize that. Some one could have a great deadlift but still note even be able to perform a glute ham raise. laters pk

do the negative slowly, then push off the floor as little as possible, you have to train yourseld to not push with your hands, get nasty and MAKE your hamstrings do the work, they may feel like they are going to detach and may but you have to focus and they will come

Don’t forget, the calves play a part too, not just the hamstrings (particularily if your feet are dorsiflexed/pointed up).

The secret is to gather the hem and cinch it really tight against your butt. This will provide extra tension, allowing you to complete one concentric rep. Just make sure that your spotter doesn’t look up your skirt…

You can hook your feet into the seat of a pulldown machine, or kneel facing away from a cable machine. This way you can hang onto the bar or rope and the weight on the machine will effectively subtract itself from your body weight. Over time you can gradually reduce the weight on the machine until you can do a concentric rep.

Char, I simply cannot beleive your haste in providing an answer. Honestly sir, you mentioned nothing of proper embriodery, patterns, nor the appropriotness of rough versus smooth stiching in a given social situation. Hrumph! Would you be so bold now, dear Char, to provide a thorough color scheme for our misguided and possibly fashionably unconscious friend here? I feel you owe him that much.

MBE: “RSV. Notice there is no P. Please keep it that way. Since 1441.”

I’m sure that even the most fashionably UNconscious of our T-brethren know that mauve is for cloudy days, puce for those cool Autumn evenings when you feel as though you can get a pump just by running your fingers lightly over the weights, and that chartreuse works best while your skin is flushed a rosy red from too much niacin. So I didn’t bother to point them out.

However, you’re absolutely right about the embroidery issue. A light scalloped pattern is my personal preference for glute-hem raising (I find that it provides an additional elastic benefit to the movement), but I know that Avoids Roids prefers a more somber, might we even say, military cross-stitching along his glutal line (as was reported in the November issue of HEMispheres, ppg. 23-39).

Machine, of course, just wraps chains around his ass and is done with it. A basic kinda guy.

Tre magnific, Char! You ave been, how ze sey, studying ze art of ze bunwarmerz, no? I am quite content in your ASSessment of color scheme based on seasonal progression and remain in perpetual ecstacy over the addition of weather factors. Personally in the grey somberness of winter, I prefer tropical colors so as to illuminate all who stand, or squat before me.

I had Joel switch from a rather crude “random” pattern to a highly elegant “Midwife’s Patience”. He did, however insist on making each seperate piece exactly 5x5 in diameter, claiming any other formation would cause a complete and utter “meltdown.” I am still attempting to wean BFA off of crocheting his own designs with insulin needles…

MBE: “Fashionably Fucked up. Since 1908.”

Yeah, I know what you mean. John Roman was one of my embroidery clients for a little while, but he insisted on weaving “HST” into the pattern, to the point where the points of the “T’s” would actually draw blood on every rep. When he did a GVT routine we had to take him to the hospital for a transfusion.

Some kid named Rice also came to me for advice, but it turned out that he only wanted to know what my “MAX STITCH” was. Since I try to turn out only complete glute-hems, I kicked him to de curb.

Ah, if only Stiles were still around. Now there was a guy who knew his glutes…

(Nice to have a little highjack witcha again. Since 1822.)

Good God! Can any of you fuckers do one of these? I never tried this before reading this thread but hats off to anyone who can do even one. Seriously, can anyone do this? If so u one mean motor scooter!!

Please explain how to execute a glute/ham raise as you perform them.

Perhaps Goldberg can shed some light upon where Stiles and Timbo are being held captive. It is understandable if their Hems and weaves have suffered due to the bamboo shoots that currently occupy the undersides of thier fingernails. Should we attempt to get mug shots of those two onto the sides of GROW! containers?

MBE: “The captain has declared this a state of thread hijacking. Please put your seats in the upright position.”