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Glute Ham with Short Foot Plate


I just bought a new glute ham and thought it had everything that I needed for a good glute ham. comfortable Split pad w/out knee pad, band hooks, sturdy built, adjustable up and back, the only design flaw is that the foot plate is only 10 inch long and witch means i cant push off my toes during glute hams.

I was wondering if this is a big deal that its not long enough? I got to say that they are 10 times harder then the glute hams I have done at several gyms I have used that have knee pad and rollers for the glute ham. I also i didnt cheap out on the purchase but didnt buy the most expensive one out their I pay $740 that includes shipping to me.


Do you have a picture of it? I'm confused what you mean by it doesn't have a knee pad.


I am confused by that question by I will answer. Its when the glute ham that have rollers and alot of them have a pad in front of the rollers where you knees go on and makes the glute ham very easy to do, which I dont want and dont have which I am happy for that. I was am asking about the foot plate being too short for my foot to fit on it.


Quick fix, cut a piece of plywood and screw it onto the foot plate(s). Add grip tape for traction if required.