Glute-Ham Tie In Pull?

I was doing a pistol to a seated position on a couch last night, then when I squatted off the couch, I felt a muscle spasm and a cramp in my glute-ham tie in region.

This occurred while I had very little sleep, had a ton of caffeine in my system, and I was dehydrated.

Does this sound like a muscle pull? Sometimes, when I squat down to get something now, on the reversal I get a little hint of that spasm cramp thing. The pain is mild and feels a like pinch with some tingling feeling and it will sometimes radiate to my knee and the top of my hips if I’ve been sitting down for a while (never my back). The hamstring on the affected side is also really really tight whenever I stand up after sitting for more than 5 minutes.

What I’ve done so far:
-foam rolling, trigger wheel, tennis ball work from all directions.
-stretches meant to improve internal hip rotation (mines terrible)
-gently hamstring stretches
-adductor work with bands
-avoid squatting motions
-taken fish oil, 1000mg ibuprofen, Magnesium (in case it was cramp that caused all that, it’ll be less likely to happen again), and msm+glucosamine
-just taken it easy in general

That’s wierd, I don’t even see this in the forum.

Hey fletch. I believe from the information you provided that you may possibly have pulled a hammy. However, the injury happened last night, so it is also very likely that it was a severe cramp (I’ve heard that some cramps can take a few days to stretch out and relax).

If the injury, and same symptoms persist for an extended period of time (in my case weeks and months- definitely manageable discomfort though, not holding me back) it is likely a hammy pull. If bruising appears in the area in coming days, you can be fairly certain there has been a decent pull/tear of the hamstring.

In terms of rehab, you seem to be doing EVERYTHING right which is cool. Just keep doing what your doing and it’ll either disappear in the next couple days, or in case of a muscular pull/tear, longer. Listen to your body, and keep implementing your rehab strategies. Begin light exercise of the area when you’re ready again, and progress as usual- wish I could give you a magic pill, but I’m sure you know it doesn’t exist.

All the best for the recovery,


It seemed to fix itself… I was asleep and woke up and moved positions, then there was a loud pop and a slight dull pain in my hip. Now the whole hip and glute feels bruised, but is completely better as far as ROM w/out pain and not favoring my opposite leg. The bruise feeling is almost completely gone too. It is a little tight though in the ham and glute. But I think I can get to the trigger points and stretch it out.