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glute-ham raises

Does anyone know how to do these or pics of someone doing them? Is it just another name for reverse hypers?

a glute ham raise is where you lock your lower leg in essentially a horizontal position. keeping the rest of your body in a straight position, you bend at the knee until you are nearly horizontal. it will really work your hams.

a reverse hyper is where your upper body is laying face down on a bench in a horizontal position with your hips hanging off the edge on the bench. start with your legs perpendicular to your body, hanging down, and raise your legs slightly above parallel. this works your lower back.

might want to check dave tate’s elite fitness website. he sells machines for both exercises and may have pictures of people using them.

To perform them, lock you legs parallel to the floor (this requires a roman chair, glute-ham machine, I’ve heard it called a ton of things…). Start with your torso perpendicular to the floor so that your head is closest to the floor, then bring your body up, by “curling” your posterior chain, until your body is perpendicualr to the floor with your head towards the ceiling. www.drsquat.com has a diagram, click on training articles, then exercise diagrams.

it is basically a more comfortable version of the little board thing in TCs last article.

In TC’s recent research article there was a picture of someone doing a modified glute ham raise:http://t-mag.com/articles/160stud.html
a real glute ham bench is built just like a lower back hyperextension bench but it has pads you slide your feet in to lock your feet in place. You can actually do them on most regular hyperextension benches you just have to have someone stand behind you and hold your feet or find another creative way to lock your feet in place.

its just a hyper with a leg curl finishing off the top of the movement. great exercise, just don’t do the after deads if you want to be able to walk, it maybe the only comcn exercise that works the hamstrings thru their full range of motion

Please don’t let Styles see this thread. The title is liable to put him into a coma…

This is one of my favorite exercises. I use it on my ham/calf/ab days. I use it after I’ve finished my calf work and my ham work and it just finishes things off nicely.

Char I thought the same thing. Styles actually has a new “book” (more of a religious fanatic handbook) for something called “Core Bunz” professing that “the assal area and not the torso, as commonly though in bodybuilding’s dark ages is the central point of the muscular structure.” He then rambles on about his different routines such as “Glazed Glute Presses” and “Cajun twists” I advise those weak in intestinal fortitute or strictly orthodox in their religion NOT to read his “Bath House Bun Burner” Circuit routine.

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