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Glute-Ham Raises Without Machine


Hello Everyone,

I work out at the YWCA and needless to say there is no piece of equipment for glute-ham raises. I really want to add them to my routine and was wondering what I could do to fake this movement. Any help would be appreciated..


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Use an ab bench on a steep decline. Face downward with heels/ankles secured at the top. If you need extra padding for your knees (I find it helpful), grab a mat. If you need extra weight, grab some of that too.


If they have a pulldown machine, you can hang off that to do GHR.

Your achilles would apply pressure to the pad that would hold down your knees and you your knees would be where your butt normally is located. You will be face down to the floor.

It works beautifully.


I use the backing part of a leg press machine. Got the idea off this site, saw a pic.


Thanx! I will try it tonight.


You can do that at home too.

I've done them by using my downstairs sofa to pin the bottom of my feet down. I actualy call this exercise "Hamstring Push Ups"; go figure. All I do is pin the bottom of me feet(not my heels)down with a light leather sofa; slight bend in the knees for the pivot point. And by being in push up position, you can assist your raises by pushing up and prolonging the TUT. You can also do reverse hypers from this position, just start from the verticle position.