Glute Ham Raises w/out a Machine?

Does anyone have any creative suggestions for performing glute ham raises when a glute ham raise machine is not available?

Do them on a pulley machine, probably as close as you’ll get without the real machine.

Eg. Glute Ham Raise - YouTube

^^^That’s exactly what I do. You can also use a seated calf machine provided it has a similar set-up to the pulley station.

I got one of those sit-up bars (like ten bucks) that attaches to the bottom of a door, put a pillow under the knees and you’ve got a brutal ghr. some day i’d like to be able to do one full rep hah

You can also just wedge your ankles under a loaded bar and use that to hold your feet down. If you have a training partner just have them hold your feet.

Here are a couple ideas from EliteFTS.

Natural Glute Ham Raise:

Not sure why, but these are way harder when someone’s holding your feet vs being “locked in” by foot pads.

I don’t like those manual GHR. I actually like Towel Leg-curls better to mimic the movement. Place a towel on the floor, and lay on your back. Place your heels on the floor with your legs straight, and curl them hammies, while raising your butt at the same time (hump the air).

my new gym has the glute-ham raise bench… oh how i love it.