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Glute-Ham raise

I came up with a way to do the GHR today. It’s a great exercise, but tough to find a way to do it. I did it today after my deadlift work out. I left the bar on the floor with 225 still on it. I put dime plates in front and behind the 45s on the bar so the bar wouldn’t move. I put a towel down in front for my knees, put my ankles underneath the bar and tormented myself. Enjoy.

damn thats a good idea.

I’m going to have to try that, its hard to find someone to hold my feet that knows what they are doing.

Another way is on some lat pulldown machines. Knees on the seat, ankles under the knee pads.

If the person trying to hold you down cannot do so with their hands, have them face away from you and sit on your ankles. Once a trainee becomes more advanced at the GHR, the depth to which they can go will necessitate for force from the hold. This way of sitting will accomplish this.

You can always try the same thing by moving one of the safety bars of a squat cage to it’s lowest setting and use that to anchor your feet. The one at my gym is about the same height as a loaded bar with 45s on it.

I’ve seen pictures of the barbell method before, seems to work really well (never tried it though). Another way to do them is to use the seat of cable pulldown. Face away from it with your heels anchored by pads that your knees normally go under, and press your knees into the seat. The nice thing about doing them this way is that you can attach a bar to the cable and hold it behind your head - the more resistance you use, the easier the movement. You can then remove weight until you’re doing them on your own.