Glute Ham Raise

Anyone know a good site for second hand or cheap gym equipment that may stock a Glute Ham Raise Bench? Also does anyone know any good alternatives for the glute ham raise if you dont have a bench? I have a bar and plenty of weight, but feel like I need something else for my glutes/hamstrings apart from Romainian and conventional deads. Cheers

Face away on a Lat Pulldown machine. Works like a charm! :slight_smile:



Us girls call these Ghetto GHRs and they do work.

I bought one from ebay today, $230, made by Yukon fitness. I"ll give you my review in week or so.

Ghetto GHR’s sound great thanks guys x

Tried the ghetto GHRs myself. While I could have done without the stares (for the unconventional use of the lat machine), they certainly work!

Gonna try it, never imagined that it could be used that way.

Glute bridges man

Lay on the floor facing up

Roll loaded bar to waist and hump the air

When I do the ‘natural’ movement my calves cramp. I have been told a toe plate(bracing the foot) will solve the problem. Has anyone seen the pad they are using in this video before?

Know where to get it?

Use a bosu ball instead. Works wonders for me.

I fasten my feet in wall bars as well.

At my gym the pulldown stations are too close to the wall, so I use the seated calf raise machine. Does the trick.

At my gym, the pulldown station’s seat is so narrow that I hasn’t got enough space for the two of my knees. But I can do quite good GHR-s on the floor or on the hyperextension pad with a good setup. Oh, and due to home-made blast straps, I can also do this:

Nonetheless, They’re just accessory excersises for deadlifts and direct isolation for hammies-glutes. I miss the lying lg curls though :frowning:

Gotta go with the Lat Pulldown too (or get a partner to hold your feet down). Just don’t take too much notice of the strange looks you’ll probably get from the general population.

just to give some input.

I think i was a retarded to never being able to imagine to use the lat pull down station to GHR, i feel trashed from it, i think i’m in love with an exercise, i’ve haven’t felt like these since high school when i met deadlift.

apdavies1 why, as I’ve noticed, most of the people use the lat pulldown station for some sort of row-jerk-down hybrid, where they use all of the weight stack, getting the bar moving a few inches, while their torso approaches horizontal, then after a few grunting reps they let themselves to be projected up in the air while the stack crushes down a bit loudly.

And, ofc. the speed of the movement makes snathces and cleans look like slow-motion.

That’s hardly a weirder use for the station than the ghetto GHR :slight_smile:

note: I’m talking about this:

Vejne; ah yes, I hear they are trying to introduce this “jerk-down-row-hybrid” into the olympics, as it proves that a whole body exercise can be done on what is normally thought a single movement machine (plus the power output is INCREDIBLE) :wink: .

sooo… i wonder why is he doing lat pulldowns on the middle of a deposit.