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Glute/Ham raise question for Coach Davies

Coach Davies,
I started incorporating the GH raise into my workouts. Do your beginner O-lineman had trouble with this exercise? I have realized that I have underdeveloped posterior chain. I can only do GH negatives right now(4 sets of five reps holding the negative as long as I can. Would it be better to do negatives until I get strong enough to work on the concentric phase, or work with my partner on the concentric phase.
Any help would be appreciated,

Work on both parts spend about 3-4 seconds on the eccentric then assist yourself with arms to raise yourself up as quick as possible. The contraction is important as well. do 3 sets of 8 for now, when I began doing this I would actually do 3x25 just to develop them… that got them really strong and 3x8 became cake, I use 20lb. Db now. Dont sweat it, at first I could not even do one without using my arms to raise up.

Are you using a GH machine or hooking your ankles and going from there? I tried these on the floor with my ankles hooked and I can’t even do a full negative without faceplanting. They seemed to get me at the top of the calves a lot. Maybe technique? Pointers? Can anyone out there do them this way?

I’m not Coach Davies, but you could use a partner or some device to hold your ankles down and do GH raises that way. Slowly lower yourself to the ground with your arms close to your body and hands ready. Push yourself back up using your hands. This predominantly stresses the eccentric but you will get more work out of doing assisted concentrics this way. Good luck

Hey I too am one of the big guys on the line and have found th G-H raise a wonderful exercise. Untill you can do a full rep you should have a slow negative w/ the concentric being helped by your arms. Just push as little as you can to get up.

I don’t know if you’re using a GHR bench or doing them off the floor like I do … anyway, when I first started I had to use my hands to spot myself … very lightly give yourself a push up. In a few weeks (yes, few weeks) you should be able to do one or two without assistance, and then build from there. Good luck and be patient! These suckers are hard.