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Glute Ham Raise Progression

So I tried GHR’s in the lat pulldown machine today, and realized just how weak my hamstrings are. Now I’ve heard that GHR’s were hard, but i was just pathetic at them. I could only control myself for the top 1/8 of the eccentric before losing all control and crashing down haha. I reason that it’s time I brought up my hamstrings and want to get strong on this movement. Only problem is: how?

At the moment the most i could do was lower myself 1/8 down and hold myself there for about 10 seconds. I did that for 3 sets and my hamstrings ans glutes were DONE. What I’m thinking about doing is progressively increasing the time i hold myself at points in the eccentric and progressively lower myself. Eventually i should be able to do at least one eccentric after which I can work on that and hopefully do one full rep.

So what do you think? Would that work? I’m guessing that even if it did it would take months to get to the point where I can do a full rep on these. Should be worth it though.

Just continue to practice while incorporating other exercises that will hit your posterior chain. Leg Curl, Reverse Hyper (if you have access to it), RDL, etc. The best I was able to do would be a natural GHR where I set up a bar inside a rack and did them that way. Still not the best, but it’s better than nothing.

If you don’t have access to a GHR machine, I wouldn’t worry about doing them. Just focus on other posterior chain exercises like RDLs, Pullthroughs, Leg Curls, Rack Pulls, Good Mornings, etc.

Use a broomstick or similar to push off against the floor. Also, make sure the foot plate of the GHR is set correctly. Typically the further back it is, the easier it is